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# short and painless

Dieser Beitrag fasst die Serie “English for runaways” – deutsche Phrasen, Floskeln oder Redewendungen “1zu1″ ins Englische zu übersetzen, zusammen, die ich 2008 bis 2009 auf meinem Blog reizhaus veröffentlichte. Ein Spaß, der uns im Büro immer viel Freude bereitet, denn wer eine Prase drischt muss nicht 50 Cent ins Schweinderl werfen, sondern ad hoc ins Englische übersetzen. Diese Freude wollte ich weitergeben und veröffentlichte peu à peu Beispiele aus der inzwischen sehr umfangreichen Sammlung. Hier also die Zusammenfassung. Viel Spaß bei der Retranslation.

My lovely mister singing club

Live is no pony yard.

The sparrows pipe it from the roofs.

I´ve thrown an eye on you.

Do not look in the mouth of a given horse.

As won as melt away.

That comes not in the bag.

darned and sew together

We are to have for every joke.

Don´t ask for sunshine.

Funny is the Gipsy life.

Back the goose grow fat.

With dream changing safety.

That knows the fox.

Tomorrow is else another day yet.

First it comes different, second as yout think.

That makes the cabbage else not fat.

The expert is amazed, astonished the layman.

In bag and bags

able to built out

That stands on another sheet.

You can let it be stuck.

That rumbles in the box.

There blows an other wind.

Art comes from ability.
(If it comes from wanting, it would be called wart)

Precaution is the mother of the porcellane box.

Laboriously feed the squirrel.

Thunder littlely!

There bites the mouse no thread of.

You paphomer

Tell someone something from the horse.

People´s children

There you can take poison on.

What is one´s owl is other one´s nightingale.

That have could gone in the eye!

So become a boot out of it.

Thats the end of the song.

He jumped over his shadow.

Dont paint the devil on the wall!

Better a sparrow in the hand than a dove on the roof.

Tell someone something from the horse.

People´s children

There you can take poison on.

Only treaten dogs barks.

Morning hour has gold in mouth.

The early bird catch the worm.

gray is all theory and green is live´s golden tree

The apple falls not far way from the trunk.

Half drunken is thrown away money.

Young married has never regret.

The morning is wiser than the evening.

If the mouse is saturated the flour tastes bitter

Give the spoon away.

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